Busy Times

It’s been a wild few months for Guerilla Tea so thought we’d reflect on what’s been going on.


Early in February, we held the first game development workshop with ENABLE Scotland’s East Renfrewshire LAC Team, where we worked with a small group on some basic game concept design. We finished the day with a working game design to carry through to the second workshop in March.


Back in the office we developed and released the Beano iPrank, which has been successful so far with hundreds of thousands of people pranked as a result! It was amazing to see our work actually appear in the Beano comic.


Shortly after this we were filmed for the BBC programme ‘Maths in Action’ where we were interviewed by young people interested in learning how maths is used within our industry. The programme actually explored a number of different industries, and is now available here.


The same week, we braved the snow on the way to Glasgow to hold a games industry workshop at Futures Fest 2013, involving presentations and a panel session. Great day and great feedback.


The following day we held the second game development workshop with ENABLE Scotland. We developed a game, called On The Freerun, in record time with the group (who decided on the team name Lazy Boys), which has now been released on Androidand iOS. All in all, it was a fantastic event and a huge thanks to ENABLE Scotland and everyone involved. This project as a whole has had some superb coverage in the media, and was picked up by the BBC.


To make our lives even more busy, we have this week moved office. We are now based on South Tay Street in Dundee, in the office which was formerly the home of Digital Goldfish. It’s a great space and perfect for further building Guerilla Tea. The future is looking very bright for this Dundee developer.


Incidentally, the header image at the top of this post isn’t the new office. Believe it or not…

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