Iwo: Bloodbath in the Bonins

Over the past several months, we’ve been developing Iwo: Bloodbath in the Bonins. It’s a turn-based strategy game, and a digital version of an existing board-game originally developed by Decision Games.

The game is centres around the US invasion of Iwo Jima, which was a critical strategic location for the United States in their preparation for an invasion of the main Japanese home islands.


You’ll take command of the US forces, choose a landing beach and then make your way across Iwo Jima’s hex based terrain. The main objective will be to send some of your forces to capture Mount Suribachi in the south, and then advance northwards up the island eliminating all Japanese defenders.

The game rules are tailored to the many factors which affected the actual conflict, in particular the island’s terrain which caused the beach landings to be far more arduous task than was initially expected…


We’ve also included a historical information database, covering key aspects of the invasion for general background reading.

Grab Iwo for PC from HexWar’s site: https://www.hexwar.com/downloads/iwo-bloodbath-in-the-bonins/

Or download the iPad version from the appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/iwo-bloodbath-in-the-bonins/id1053530387

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