Reflecting on 2012


At Guerilla Tea are busy as ever as we start back in 2013. It has been a successful first 18 months, and things are moving onward and most definitely upward for this company. We’ll have regular updates over the coming months, but it seems like a great time to reflect on the past year’s activity and achievements.


At the beginning of 2012, with Ward Round safely released to thousands of students and medical professionals, we returned to our original IP, the Rubik’s Cube inspired puzzle game The Quest. We worked on a number of small contracts including Fairground Photos, simultaneously while developing The Quest, ultimately releasing the, now BAFTA nominated game on iOS, Android and Kongretate in April.


A trip to London for the finals of the TIGA £100k competition followed shortly, with Guerilla Tea winning the ‘Games on the Move’ category, funding the prototype development of Fangs Out, a model helicopter dogfighting game. This success involved an office move and some much needed security for the summer period. Work continued and Guerilla Tea was featured (primarily with Fangs Out) for the BBC programme Show Me The Money.


During the summer months a free version of The Quest was released, called The Quest: The Beginning, and the Ward Round supplementary application, Ward Round: Picture Quiz began, and was duly completed.


August was exceptionally busy as we presented the completed prototype of Fangs Out to the public at the Dare Protoplay event, and two days later left for a productive trip to Cologne for Gamescom.


On our return we were delighted to become involved with the digital relaunch of The Dandy, developing additional games, and integrated mini-games for the world’s longest running comic. We moved into a superb new office at Seabraes House in Dundee to continue development and expand the company. We were also featured in the October issue of develop magazine with a six second studio spotlight, and around the same time released Ward Round: Picture Quiz.


Early November saw us attend Explay 2012 Festival in Bath, which involved exhibiting Fangs Out to the public for a second time, covering the South West of England. Big thanks to Remode for the invite.


It has been a tough but hugely rewarding first year, and we will continue with more exciting work in the new year including fresh contracts and a return to Fangs Out. For more news as it happens follow us on Twitter, Click the like button on our company page and certainly don’t be afraid to add Guerilla Tea as a friend; we’ve given our company a personality thanks to the wonders of Facebook!

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