TIGA Game Hack


This past weekend two of the Guerilla Tea unit, namely Alex and Matt working under the alternate name ‘Guerilla Pizza’ (dubbed Grill-A Pizza by Ryan Locke) attended the TIGA Game Hack 2013.

After packing up a portion of the Guerilla Tea office PCs late on Friday, they arrived on Saturday morning and set up their own Grill-A Pizza office in the fish tank area of Abertay University’s Kydd Building.



So armed with coffee, energy drinks and a lorry load of pizza, they were ready to receive the top secret theme of the game jam…

And the theme was… Childhood.

Utilising the recently refined creative process practiced at the Guerilla Tea HQ, they set about deciding exactly what would be made in the following 24 hours. Five minutes for open ended brainstorming and a further twenty five minutes to refine the ideas into a coherent game concept.

The end result of this was a Sandbox game.

Project scope is always an issue at game jams, and it’s even more of an issue when you’re trying to run an indie company, but this was no ordinary sandbox game. Contrary to any initial notion you may have had of them trying to build a full open world game in 24 hours, what they in fact did was take the term sandbox literally and piece together a game set in a child’s sandpit.

It’s a tower defense game with an interesting twist. You can deform the sandy terrain to create mountains and canyons. This will cause navigation problems for the enemy tanks hell-bent on destroying your precious sandcastle.
From here you have additional defences at your fingertips. Place cannons, robots and helicopters on the mountains you’ve created and they will fire-at-will on any attacking foe.

That’s the gameplay in the form of a blurb, but if a picture says a thousand words…



Then a video must say a million, right.


And if a video says a million, then a working prototype must say a… Googol


So the game jam ended and Alex and Matt were very very very very very tired. They unfortunately didn’t win a prize but they finished with something that is certainly more valuable to Guerilla Tea; a great prototype with a huge potential of becoming a strong original IP for the company. A great event and a huge thanks to TIGA.

For now it’s back to running a studio!

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